Ahh, so I finally got banned huh.

Took you guys long enough. I was afraid you weren't willing to demonstrate the new rules that have been put into place!

Anyhoo, it just hit me as I was leaving chat that all those supposed 'anarchists' and 'trolls' kind of have their points...this site has just degraded generally in fun and creativity.

Before you go ahead and say 'well, he's being butthurt and trying to act soooo edgy', I really am being sincere. Chat and editing has had the fun sucked out of it since I came here, what, I think a little over 2 years ago. And then I try to have some fun, y'know, considering certain people got off easily on other matters and I am essentially treated the same way as people who have probably only been here for a day or two and started spamming. Sheesh, I can't even begin to describe the crazy shit thats happened over the months and nobody got blasted for it!

This site is going the way of the do-do. I am expecting this blog to be shortly deleted due to some misguided sense of righteousness that many users have come to agree rests solely on the higher-ups. I think I shall leave again. This time, I'll have people make sure I don't come back for a very, very long time.

Goodnight, sweet prince. May groups of angels sing thee to thy rest~