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Regarding my last post, you'll all have to excuse me. 

I'm going through some, for lack of a better term, hormonal changes, and I haven't been myself. I also have a lot of things on my plate right now, stuff thats affecting my future (#collegeftw).

I feel really embarrised. I just assumed that I was getting banned for my behaviour yesterday (as if you haven't noticed, I tend to spam and caps and whanot nowadays). 

I'm sorry guys If I could draw something, it would probably be me as a robot woth smoke coming out of my ears, haha.

Again, excuse me if I spaz out, just remember I'm not right in the head at the moment.

Peace be with you.

Edit: I was told trying to be kicked resulted in a ban. Also, I was on multiple times last night and did niot see anything wrong with chat for the last few hours. Go fig?

Edit edit: Still means I'm not coming back. Too many people I care about hae left, and I don't feel the sites general ambience is good for my psyche (sitting in a dark, cold basement with a portrait of Jesus behind me makes me feel very paranoid and depressed. O-o) sorry for the hassle people.

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