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  • WifeofClover

    Weird Website I found

    August 11, 2012 by WifeofClover

    This is a strange website. It's ran by godzilla54rules who has terrible grammar. I guess it's a Xbox tribute, but it seems more like a place where the owner can express his love for a made up superhero named Xbox Man.

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  • WifeofClover


    After Morge goes through a nervous breakdown, the family decides to take her on vacation to relax. But when Homah chooses to go to his hometown, he meets several people from his childhood, after hanging out with them. He becomes a member of their gang. Several days go by until Morge tells Homah to stop being a gangster and spend time with his family, causing Homah to leave his family and move into a small apartment. He creates an account on Failymotion, named Cloverbeatme1.

    When he finds out the account is being closed for disturbing content, he goes to Denver to ask for the account back. He then begins sending threats, causing one of the workers to become frightened and shoot his brains out, killing him instantly. Meanwhile, Liser help…

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