Okay, I have thought about this and eh.

As far as I know, the purpose of hyper-realism in creepypasta is to make the story look more real in media like, eh, videogames, illustrations and others. You know, to make it scarier.

But when it is always mentioned, it seems that my mind takes it literally. Just to set an example. In a recently deleted story, the cliche'd description said something along the lines of: "Spongebob in his dark room with hyper realistic eyes and no mouth and he had pinkeye". I suppose that the writer meant to say that Spongebob had some kind of scary eyes and other stuff, meant to be portrayed in a realistic style not seen in the cartoons. 

And despite my efforts, I kept imagining this: 

Non-artist's depiction.

I know it is a bad story to pick, but I think the point is demostrated. My definition of hyperrealistic eyes is something like the image. Just...eyes! Imagine those eyes on, eh, Squidward's Suicide image is the first one that comes to my mind.

The thing that is bothering me about this, and the purpose of this blog entry (oh wow, first blog entry) is well:

I would like to know exactly what is this hyperrealism business, how people imagines it, and why people are so damn repetitive about it.

It is something so annoying and it often makes me be less scared than I should be because I can't avoid thinking hilarious stuff. I wonder why the one who created this whole deal thought it was a good idea, maybe the one I mentioned was the reason.