Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone else has tried to place any themes or symbolisms in their writings. I think horror is the most underutilized tool when trying to deliver themes, and was curious if anyone had any input on themes they've written into their works. Sure, we can all scare someone, but can we do it while delivering a deeper message? Horror and emotion go hand in hand, and while we mostly deal in short stories, I think the potential to deliver hidden meanings isn't used to its potential. I've tried here and here, and while I think they turned out well, I'm still curious if anyone has some ideas on how to better implement thematic elements into horror.

I've seen themes in The Asylum series, but, while interesting stories, I think their themes are a bit too obvious. Not that it makes them any less important; I feel they just aren't implemented as well as they could be. If you guys can suggest some works that do this well, I'd love to read through them. Most stories deal center around some basic fear (darkness, isolation, unknown, etc.), but not many really try to build beyond simply creeping out the reader. That's a shame, since most of these topics could definitely have some deeper meaning behind them.

Anyone have any thoughts in themes used in horror? Common themes? Themes you personally enjoy writing about? Does anyone even write themes into their works? Do I sound like a pretentious jackass?