Hello fellow Wikians! I've just finished exams and have found some free time on my hands (to those I promised reviews, I'll get to those in the near future). In the midst of college life and some writing projects, I pondered the idea of hosting a writing contest here. As Shadowswimmer's contest just ended, and I've seen a few users asking if there were any contests coming up, I thought I might try hosting one.

I've always wanted to do something... Lovecraftian. Indescribable horrors, ancient beings of horrific power, non-Euclidean geometry, and tentacled monsters from Xoth intrigue the hell out of me. I've got some prizes lined up in mind (well, one really), but I'm curious if the community is interested at all.

This isn't a formal proposal to the admins, but more of a query to the community, wondering what they think of a possible Lovecraftian contest. Would you guys be down for creating your own beasts of the Cthulhu mythos, or working with already existing ones? Are you burnt out on contests and want to wait a while for another, or are you ready for a new one? Finally, is this theme appealing? If no one is really interested in a Lovecraftian theme, then I don't want to bother with it. If you guys are curious about judging or anything else, feel free to ask. I don't have a solid proposal yet, but I'll try and flesh out what I can. Let me know what you guys think!