Greetings, fellow writers. I recently posted a story, There's Something Between the Gears, that I would very much like some feedback on (it's a medium sized story centering around cult worship and industrialized horror). I know how this wiki works, and obviously, many of you wouldn't read and review such a story simply because I asked you to. So I thought I could sweeten the deal a bit. If you've got an obscure, relatively unknown, or even well known story (that'd you'd like nitpicked to death), then I'd be willing to critique it in exchange for a critique of your own on my story.

If you've never seen me on the WW, then you should know that I go into a fair amount of depth when discussing the actual plot of a story, and will probably write out a lengthy review (if I can manage the time). That said, longer stories will take more time to get to, and I don't always have a lot to say about certain stories, but I'm fairly certain we can help each other out. I rarely actually critique already posted stories (as I know the amount if help I can actually be is minimal), so this is a new experience for me as well.

As a final note, I'll probably judge your story overtly harshly (as in some cases, that's the only way for a good story to improve) so don't take me up on this if you simply want praise for a story you've written (whether it is fantastic or meh). If you want criticism and are willing to dole some out in return, then make a request and I'll try my best to return the favor.