So I kind of wanted to try something different with regards to storytelling. I thought a Choose Your Own Adventure style story would be something really neat to try in creepypasta form. It's fairly childish, but i remember enjoying those books a lot when I was younger (the Goosebumps ones in particular where you could die in some really messed up ways; I don't think anything on this site has scared me more than the idea of a robotic T-Rex dunking you in a tar pit or some old lady drugging you and cutting off your knees) so I figure it might be worth a shot. I searched for existing CYOA creepypastas, but the ones I found were all fairly terrible. I think this is a good opportunity to inject some quality literature into the genre. Is there anything like that on the wiki currently? I couldn't find anything, but maybe I didn't look too hard.

I don't quite have a coherent story put together yet, so if anyone has ideas, I'd be open to them. Currently, I think I'd make it where the reader is trapped in some surreal, abandoned town and would have to find their way out of there. Nothing too original, but I think it leaves a lot of paths open for exploration. I actually think this would make a pretty cool idea for a collaborative project too; different writers could write different sections of the town and the various paths between them. It may be complicated to link everything together, but I'm pretty sure we could work it out.

Finally, if anyone has any suggestions on how to actually integrate a story like this into the site, that'd be helpful as well. I thought I'd just make different sections of the same page with links in between, but I don't know if there's a better way to do it. It'd be a really long table of contents, but I'm pretty are it would work, assuming I could set up links inbetween each section.

So there are my current thoughts on this. Was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or thoughts on how to better make this project doable.