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November 9, 2015
  • Whenwillwesee


    1. no hyper realism.

    2. no blood and gore.

    3. have a good time.

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  • Whenwillwesee

    Favorite SCP?

    February 21, 2016 by Whenwillwesee

    I always wonder what you admins think is the best SCP! The lesser known the better!

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  • Whenwillwesee

    Rating RANT.

    January 11, 2016 by Whenwillwesee

    I have notice something that has been really bugging me about this wiki. No it's not about a story I don't like and no this is not a 11 year old ranting about a admin taking off his jeff the killer yaoi this is about what's going on in the comments section.

    We all love to see people reviewing a pasta and giving it a rating like 5/10 5.5 ect. ect. but what is making me angry is when someone does this.

    I liked this! 621/666

    What? Why is this needed? Is it really time to shoehorn the devil into the rating systum.

    I know I'm kinda a hypocrite for rating Newly Single a spookygmail/10 but it was a joke I thought was funny. [but it sucked] 

    I also hate it when people rate something a 9.9 What tickled you no zone so tiny that you felt you need to take …

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  • Whenwillwesee

    We all know that most creepypastas with a fuck-load of gore our usuely frowned apon but some creepypastas with gore in them are well liked! I was wondering if some of you guy's like creepypastas with a lot of gore in them!

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  • Whenwillwesee

    Hi everyone! This is my first blog. Today I will ask you guys what do you think is the worst indie horror game you played or saw?


    1. No answers about SUPER popular games. I know people can't stand FNAF but it's been beaten so hard on the head.

    2. It has to be a game that you eather played or watched. No just looking at the title and going LOL IT SUK! XD.

    My answer is Evil. It's not even scary. Just some imagery and terrible platforming.

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