"When i walk into a room, The walls would rot and everything made of wood shall burn."

"When i step out of it, Let the darkness consume the whole thing, Let no ray of light shine in"

"When i die, Let me consume my own soul so that i shall live again, For no mortal can withstand my power"

Hello guys! I'm new to the creepypasta wiki and I'd just like to promote and get more feedback for my recently posted creepypasta Ritual Gone Wrong I'd like to thank the guy who edited it to correct some mistakes ( I think he had a pheonix for an avatar)

I have posted a creepypasta before that which was entitled "The Quote" it was meant to be read by my classmates, but since the wiki had a very hight quality standard, it was deleted minutes later. I really appreciate and thank the wiki for the standards because now iv'e developed my writing skills. Especially in proper capitalizations, marks, etc.

I have 3 ( or 4? ) more days to write another creepypasta ( I'd hope it isn't a micropasta like the other one! ) I'm not sure if blog posts like these are allowed, if it isn't, please inform me as soon as possible.