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I could write my thought processes down but I don't want the teacher to read anything.

I'll just write something that's okay if found.

Let's see...

I don't wanna be sad anymore.

Great, that does it. The first line I wrote indicates that I'm sad.

I have to look up 'Brain in a Vat'

And now I reveal that I'm a nerd who likes creepy concepts like brain in a vat.

I'll read manga. Manga is cute.

Manga? Here? I'm a long way from home and I can't run away, mostly because my leg is hurting. Also because mum will destroy me if I run away from science class, but I swear, if I had three kills that could be forgiven, I'd kill the science teacher, The maths teacher and finally M.Prakash, the guy who started all of this off.

I should stop arguing with myself.

But it seems like I'm stuck with myself for now. And I suppose it's better than being stuck with someone else.

Now I'm making myself mad. How lovely. I never realized how cheeky I truly am.

This is getting creepier than the creepiest creepypasta.

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