So I realized that while I'm still gloating over the being knighted 'Red, molten plastic', nobody really knows what Red molten plastic really is. So I'll let this blog (and a few more to come) explain it to you.


I'm sorry I made you and brought you up in a broken dollhouse

I'm sorry I wasn't always nice to you

For if there's something worse than broken, It's half broken

Held together by the fibres of love, the little that's left

Until it becomes something of a torture

Alive and dead at the same time

I'm sorry I never cared much for you

At the critical age when I'm overburdened with work

Except for when it's the wrong moment

Or too late, so I'm sorry you craved love

I'm sorry for pushing the door from the outside

And you resisted it with all your might

I'm sorry I let you bottle up your thoughts

I'm sorry i never read or liked a poem you wrote

Except your forst one, which according to you

Was the worst one

I'm sorry you stopped trying

And hid them in the end, away from me

Afraid of the moment when I'd realize who you really were

I'm sorry I asked for them ten years after

And you had to make me one, all optimistic and smiles

And rainbows and clouds, hiding the darkness

I'm sorry you gave up

And I pushed the door open, only to see

The dust that had built up inside

I'm sorry I panicked

And threw you into another room

White, pink and blue walls with yellow decorations

Hoping you'd adapt to a new habitat

I'm sorry I never realized when you grew up

Made you wear a mask always

And fed joy upon you when it was too late

And made you crush yourself into a little black ball

Deep within you

I'm sorry you looked up at the smiley

Its bloodthirsty eyes

And felt it feeding on the real you

Destroying you

I'm sorry I brainwashed you

Until you felt like destroying yourself

As you chipped off on the plastic with my file

And ran away under the bed

With an unnatural smile you cut for yourself

Red, molten plastic running down your chin as you lie

And rats gnawing at your feet.