I came back from this very rainy place yesterday, which my family dragged me into. Not quite against my own will, though, but I didn't have any idea of how wet it was gonna be. Anyway, after the shocking revelations yesterday brought forth, (Somebody actually reads this, I know right?), it seemed like a nice thing to write about at first, with all the tiny waterfalls and giant dams and the wind that blew hard on my umbrella so I felt like Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way. [My umbrella wasn't quite right though; after some time it turned around and pretended to be a mini domestic reservoir and/or rainwater harvesting unit]). I recited litany in which certain things are crossed out over and over again just to add to the effect of the boring endeavor we call 'life', and in the hassle didn't realize that my crap umbrella was now a reservoir and protected only my head from the moisture and wasn't good at that, either. My pants, big, baggy and navy green, my favorite pants got wet.

The above sentences have too may commas and a sheer lack of full-stops. Ruins the whole construction. I guess I'm better off not pointing it out, but still.

So after the cold, wet weather and the cold, sweet frappe (and very good too) things just went downhill. I must've mentioned my wet pants. My father's driving made me nauseous, the caffeine drained away I started to loathe nature (like my grumpy self always does) for its beauty again. I tried to read, but the book was wet. Did I mention my father's driving? I mean it's pretty impressive but around a twisty road, you're bound to get dizzy. It's been a week since I've left that car and the fluid in my head hasn't stopped spinning. The CP chat will probably cheer me up, like it always does (and/or get me high on homicide). Here I mean creepypasta, not clubpenguin.

I can't remember anything much about the journey, just fog, more fog, pretty landscape, people making rude gestures at the waterfall, coffee, and, of course, wet pants. Most of these I want to forget.

I shall now leave you pondering over what you have read just now.

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