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Right, so exams are over again, and I get to have fun for once.

Which is good. I haven't had fun in a while. For the week that my exams lasted (about two-four exams per day, yep, stressful), I dreamed of holidays. And I made a holiday-to-do-list, which seemed like a pretty neat idea. After exams, I was all, BOREDOM, COME AND GET MEH! because of the things I had to do, you see.

It split into many other lists. To-read-list, to-write-list, to-stalk list, etc. You know, same ol' stuff.

But NOT same ol' stuff. This was different. By the end of it, I had more thank fifty things to do, books to read, and blah.

Now I don't wanna do squat.

But basically, this is how far I've got in one such (impossible)task:

No tinyurl, sorry.

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