This is gonna be one of the 'Ask <username>' blogs. I'm not doing it because I'm bored, but simply because it's a 'thing' now.

I like 'things'.

Also, it encourages comments.

I like comments too.

I've also included here a few questions that would probably show up in the comments below.

Questions like:


A: He says "take your chances, run and hide".*

Q: Are you a dilbert fan?

A: I (evidently) am.

Q: What the hell does 'Casts aspersions on your ancestry' mean?**

A: It's a coolio way of saying: "Yo mama-"

Q: Did you get the habit of saying 'Coolio' because of Horrorfan1?

A: Yes. It's also the reason why I dream of leprechauns almost every second day. ***

Q: Answering your own questions does not encourage comments.

A: *not* a Question.

Q: Get a life.

A: Yeah, I think I'll go do that.

But I could of course wait right here for life to come and get me, For life to creep up behind me and go: "Boo!"

And then I'd die of shock.

"Oh creep! I'm alive!"

  • dies*


So yeah, I've covered quite a bit of that. If you can still come up with more Q's, comment below.

Red, Molten Plastic (talk) 15:35, December 9, 2013 (UTC)


    • Dalek saying in my NetHack fanfic.
      • Inside joke *huehuehuehue*