I know this is a pretty tiny thing to get excited about, but I had to. And now I /must/ write a blog about it. I checked up on this wiki after a long time and I decided I might as well read through my uploads here so far (because sometimes I find faults, sometimes I find that I'm still proud of my work, and other times I request deletion) and I came across two more encouraging comments on my stories. Which makes me really happy, and I know quite well just why.

I'm aware that I'm not an amazing writer. I might be somewhere around average (although I like to fancy myself a little above that). And that's why little things like these make me want to do a backflip out of joy -Not that I can do a backflip-.

And it was a really teensy tiny thing too. Just a comment that said, 10/10. It didn't explain much at all.

My first thought? saaarcaaaasm?

And then I realized that maybe it wasn't sarcasm. Maybe there is somebody out there in the world that read my story and liked it. I can't really do outright scary without trying too hard, but I can come close. I suppose that matters too. That makes all the difference.

Lastly, thank you all those who said nice things to me. I get that it isn't much, but I guess my ego needs to be fed once in a while. c;