• WatermelonMonkey1


    March 10, 2013 by WatermelonMonkey1

    WatermelonMonkey, back from the dead. I hope to make better Pastas in the future. I hope to act better too.

    For those who don't know (a lot of you), I worked a bit on Happy Appy, then tried to make spin-offs, resulting in a fight with a now-retired admin. I then went on to act like a 6 year-old on eye drops and rubbing alcohol (stupid) by making pointless blog posts and tossing dookie into the chat, resulting in multiple bans. Due to these bans, I adopted a new account. I reside with this and a back-up account now. Due to my sudden literature rush, I'm now more creative with my writing. I'm starting my first Pasta in two years now, so drop a comment or message if you wanna talk.


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