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Too Abstract?

Ok, I'm working on some other projects that aren't creepy-pastas, but when I get done with them I still want to do at least one unrelated creepypasta before I do a follow-up to In the Circle (the idea for that spin-off is getting really good, but I don't want to rush it).  I've already posted The McAlister Gun as one idea I've had, and reactions I've gotten to that have been mixed.  I just came up with another idea (probably a bit influenced by the fact that I'm pagan).

The story would revolve around people who hunt down and kill Necromancers.  I'm not entirely sure the perspective that it would play out from, but the idea is to subvert the typical expectations of Necromancers as meddling in powers that shouldn't be meddled with, and with the dead returning as something evil.  Instead, as it turns out, Necromancers are part of the natural cycle.  The dead need to be given a chance to visit our world from time to time, to break the tedium of their existance.  As long as their granted this, their afterlives are tolerable-to-pleasant.  However, by killing Necromancers, the supposed "heroes" of the story doom every soul to ever die to an eternity so static that they'll all be driven insane by it, rendering the afterlife hell.

Is this idea too abstract to be scary?

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