Ok, I need opinions on whether this idea is great or terrible.  I'm really having writer's block in regards to how to fix the rather obvious problems with Blood for Michael, and I have some time off coming up, so I'm thinking maybe clearing my head by writing another Pasta might help.

Now, for a while I've been thinking about doing a Ritual Pasta, but I haven't really thought of any ideas I like for that.  But, now something's come to me.

During the Halloween season, I really enjoyed a specialty channel Sirius produced called ScreamRadio (I believe that's correct, it was only for about a week, and it was a month ago).  It was actually surprisingly quaint for something you get on Satellite Radio, because they evidently had a few guys with a low budget, putting on anything they could get their hands on the copyright to, and alot of what they found was cool due to it's obscurity.

Now, one thing they had was readings of weird, spooky rituals Vincent Price had some time in the past...for some reason.  Here's one:

Now, I'd have to figure out the source of that, obviously, but I think it might be interesting to combine the Ritual Format with the Lost Episode format, and have someone discover a Vincent Price ritual that shouldn't exist, and that is freaky as hell.

I have some ideas for the actual ritual, but my basic question is just is the premise good?