Ok, so for anyone who hasn't seen it, I've posted an early draft of my spin-off of In the Circle.  I'm dissatisfied with it's current state, and want to work on it, but I have found one major plot problem that I have no idea how to solve: At no point in the story does Michael have any reason to do anything supernatural, and yet at the end of the story the protagonist needs to believe that he's actually a supernatural entity capable of tracking him down anywhere in the world, not just a crazy person.

I've thought of two possibilities, both of which have issues.  The first is to have him discover a picture of Michael from 1970 (when the film was made) that showed him with Peter Dawson, only slightly younger than he was in 2013, but "a picture shows he doesn't age" has been done to death.  Also, it would kill the discovery of the cane.  To me, I'd have some real trouble if he discovered Michael was supernatural before discovering he was evil, because then the smartest thing to do would be to just avoid confront him (unless I want to make the protagonist seem like an idiot), or do some further research that would cause him to prematurely find out about the events of In the Circle.

The other possibility is to just go with the "the police have no record of any previous times I've called" thing.  Now, that would make a certain degree of sense, because it affects his father, and should thus affect him as well.  But, it would seem half-assed as hell if the narrator found out that his serial killing upstairs neighbor was supernatural in what amounted to an afterword.