Ok, a week or so back I said that I wanted to do a BEK story, but was told that I couldn't do to the spin-off rules.  However, since then I've looked more into BEKs.  Unlike, for example, Slenderman, I can't find their creation attributed to any one individual.  Furthermore, I can't find clear references to them starting out as a creepypasta.  While I originally thought they were a creepypasta that got mistaken for something real, and spawned an urban legend, but now I'm starting to think they might be an urban legend that was used in creepypastas (which would put them in the same category of usability as werewolves).

I asked LolSkeleton, and he said that he's uncertain, but feels that most BEK stories are cliche, and so likely to be deleted.  If the only problem is trying to make something more original with them, then challenge accepted!

So, can someone please clarify the usability of BEKs?