Ok, last night I tried to start work on my spin-off of In The Circle, but I ran into a brick wall in the first paragraph.  My intention with In The Circle was always that it would have been posted to a website for reports about the paranormal, so given the experiences that the narrator of the spin-off story has it makes no sense for him to not have done some google searches that would have resulted in him reading In The Circle.

That said, I have no idea how he should refer to it.  If he calls it "In the Circle" it sounds like he's talking about a work of fiction, if he calls it something else then it breaks the realism of the first-person narrative.  The narrator of In The Circle is nameless, so he can't refer to "such-and-such-a-person's account."  And he sure as hell can't reference it as a creepypasta.

How would you deal with this problem?