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    Ok, there were 2,538 objects, but 2,000 were "lost."  Meaning not destroyed. Meaning still exist.

    However, the world is destroyed if the remaining 538 objects are brought together.

    Why does the "destroy the world" condition change whenever we're uncertain of the precise location of one of those objects?  Shouldn't they crave to be reunited with all of the other objects, not just the ones that humans currently know the location of.

    If someone who knows the series better than me could explain, it would be appreciated.

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  • WatcherAzazel

    Need Opinions

    December 9, 2014 by WatcherAzazel

    Ok, I need opinions on whether this idea is great or terrible.  I'm really having writer's block in regards to how to fix the rather obvious problems with Blood for Michael, and I have some time off coming up, so I'm thinking maybe clearing my head by writing another Pasta might help.

    Now, for a while I've been thinking about doing a Ritual Pasta, but I haven't really thought of any ideas I like for that.  But, now something's come to me.

    During the Halloween season, I really enjoyed a specialty channel Sirius produced called ScreamRadio (I believe that's correct, it was only for about a week, and it was a month ago).  It was actually surprisingly quaint for something you get on Satellite Radio, because they evidently had a few guys with a l…

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  • WatcherAzazel

    Not Dead

    October 1, 2014 by WatcherAzazel

    In case anyone was missing me I just wanted to let you know: I've gotten bogged down in several other projects, some personal, some work-related.  I still fully intend to finish Blood for Michael, and hopefully more pastas beyond that, but I can't put a timeline on anything.

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  • WatcherAzazel

    My Dream Project

    August 21, 2014 by WatcherAzazel

    Hey everyone.  I've been getting back into the swing of writing these last few weeks (and I appreciate all of you who've enjoyed my writing so far).  That said, I've always wanted to do a long work, but have never been able to commit to one.

    I bring this up because there's a project, or at least an outline for one, in my head that I want to do.  I feel a little like this project is special because variations of it have consistently been in my head for years, even though they are constantly changing and varied.  The consistent part is this:

    A group of energy-based lifeforms continuously reincarnate.  They do this by merging with the soul of an unborn sentient creature after their last host dies.  They lay dormant until the child reaches matur…

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  • WatcherAzazel

    Major Plot Problem

    August 18, 2014 by WatcherAzazel

    Ok, so for anyone who hasn't seen it, I've posted an early draft of my spin-off of In the Circle.  I'm dissatisfied with it's current state, and want to work on it, but I have found one major plot problem that I have no idea how to solve: At no point in the story does Michael have any reason to do anything supernatural, and yet at the end of the story the protagonist needs to believe that he's actually a supernatural entity capable of tracking him down anywhere in the world, not just a crazy person.

    I've thought of two possibilities, both of which have issues.  The first is to have him discover a picture of Michael from 1970 (when the film was made) that showed him with Peter Dawson, only slightly younger than he was in 2013, but "a picture…

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