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New here & let me know if you edit anything

Hi Guys

I will keep this breif, I'm sure you'd much rather be reading the brillant stories on here!

I have long been an admirer of scary tales, urban legends and now creepypasta. While being a total wuss I love reading these things and getting scared. After reading so many "lost episodes" I tried my hand at one and you can find it on the site "Big Bang Theory - Unrelealeased/Lost episode".

I am a writer and have written comic scripts and screenplays with my own graphic novel base don urban legends coming out this year.

Just one thing about this site - if you edit anything of mine can you let me know as the notification emails aren't that clear, also Id prefer you not to edit any stories I put on here but title placement, article listing is fine.

Hope everyone is ok and looking forward to more stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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