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First blog ever, let's celebrate!

Vulcrow July 14, 2015 User blog:Vulcrow

Hey there, guys!

This is my first blog ever on Creepypasta Wiki, and thus so I've decided to make it quite interesting for a first try.

Want to know who I am? Well, I'm just that one random cheerful guy that you see every day on this wiki, you know? Nah, just kidding. I'm that one scaredy-cat that doesn't have the guts to read really scary pastas. I mean, I can't really tell the difference between a real pasta and a fake one, and I don't really know if there actually are real pastas on here (I've seen multiple claims supporting both sides, so I'm pretty lost). I'm also that rather anti-social guy in real life, but on the Internet I get pretty social around people.

Now, about how I found Creepypasta Wiki and why I created an account here... it's pretty simple actually. I joined a few weeks ago on June 17 (of course in 2015) after a few months of stalking creepypastas as a guest. I just happened to come back this website one day when I had a particular interest in creepypastas, and started reading creepypastas here. Soon after, I got tired of the fact that while I had lots of inquiries and comments about some pastas, I couldn't really say them out loud because I didn't have an account. At first I was skeptical of getting one, since I don't read creepypastas ALL the time and I was scared that there was somehow this one policy on this wiki that terminated accounts that weren't on for a long time. But then I thought better and decided to give it a try, and ta-da! I'm now Vulcrow.

I have to admit, some pastas on here did really scare me badly, and I do have a slight paranoia nowadays... but I still lightly cling to this website even if I'm paranoid, since I one day dream of creating a creepypasta that will one day be famous and well-liked from around the wiki.

That's all for now, I guess. Bye, and see you around!

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