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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on January 29
  • My occupation is Writing and drawing :3
  • I am Female
  • VoodooDoll72

    Hypno is an out cast

    December 5, 2013 by VoodooDoll72

    The game of Pokémon blue version which I happened to come across a while back for my Gameboy seemed like it was in good condition and I really didn’t wonder why someone would throw it away... Until two months later. I decided to pick it up as you can tell; I took it home to try it out as I started it up on my colored Gameboy everything was going well so far. I softly said to myself

    “So far, so good”.

    After about three days of playing the free game that I found on the side walk, I decided to take a break so I left the game on as I placing it on my bed going downstairs for a cup of tea. 15 minutes later I heard banging upstairs which was a little odd for me due to the fact that I lived alone in my house, I heard cries of Pokémon which got me t…

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