It amazes me how many imbeciles have vandalized the wikia as of late. How many stupid people does it take to notice that it's easier to restore everything than taking the time to write whatever random strings of crap?

Some theorize this may be the act of a single person, using the cover of multiple accounts. If this is true, then I'm quite worried about the amount of stupidity and idiocy this person has demonstrated. How he has managed to survive and operate a computer to the extent of clicking and typing with such limitations is an obvious question.

This must be, without a doubt, the work of an evil puppet master pulling his strings, or just a random (misfortunate) coincidence of nature... whatever the case maybe I feel sorry for this pathetic creature, and hope he is put well beyond his misery.

Thanks to all honest, hard-working contributors, readers and admins for their dedication on eradicating the wrong doings of these poor, misunderstood, pointless creatures.