Hi, welcome and congratulations on your meeting with me, Volkoronado.

In this manual I will introduce you to myself, my functions and answer your questions as I see fit.

I am considered a very different person by my peers and acquaintances. This is because I have very different ideas and thoughts from the rest of them. They're not stupid, uneducated (read: troll) opinions, but rather endorse a different point of view. They tend to call me one of those guys no one will understand 'til dead.

My hobbies include reading, writing, gaming, walking, smoking, drawing, thinking, sleeping, lurking and gathering all sorts of information on a topic I deem interesting.

As of August, 2011, I was wasting my time at work (major: Chemical Eng.) and found 'Necropotence' on a different site. Although familiar with the brutal and crude concept of /b/ and 4chan, I wasn't aware of the awesomeness of creepypasta. It was until I found that I really got hooked into it.

I noticed the site was dead and my hunger for pasta grew stronger so, through a great deal of lurking, I came across this wikia and made it my mission to read it entirely and become a knowledgeable resource of creepypasta myself, an insane endeavour in which I often embark on random topics just because I love knowing.

Having finished by October, I decided to have a couple of shots at writing something creepy. I've written poems and short stories earlier in my life, some of which I intend on sharing on this blog. So far I've only published one creepypasta (still expecting your comments on it, so go read Familiar Visitor now!)

I'm not a specialist, I didn't major in English, I'm not the strictest (lol is that a word?) grammar/spelling nazi out there, but I like to read neat, well written, creepy tales. I will tell you what I enjoyed and what I found lacking in your pasta, because I'd like to contribute to this wikia in a positive way. Think of it as payment for the many good stories and chills down the spine I found.

Lately I'm sick of videogame, pokemon and lost episode pastas (they are all unoriginal copies, rip-offs, spin offs, etc.) but I won't discourage you from writing any of these, because I want you to creep me out.

My opinion and grades are not, in any way, a judgement you should take too seriously, seeing that as an artist I respect and recognize your creativity and will only encourage you to write better, not differently.

I have rambled long enough. Please feel free to ask anything, say hi, troll or whatever.

Next post: a poem.