• I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is Observer of Humanity
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  • Volkoronado


    October 28, 2011 by Volkoronado

    It amazes me how many imbeciles have vandalized the wikia as of late. How many stupid people does it take to notice that it's easier to restore everything than taking the time to write whatever random strings of crap?

    Some theorize this may be the act of a single person, using the cover of multiple accounts. If this is true, then I'm quite worried about the amount of stupidity and idiocy this person has demonstrated. How he has managed to survive and operate a computer to the extent of clicking and typing with such limitations is an obvious question.

    This must be, without a doubt, the work of an evil puppet master pulling his strings, or just a random (misfortunate) coincidence of nature... whatever the case maybe I feel sorry for this pathe…

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  • Volkoronado


    October 26, 2011 by Volkoronado

    As I promised on my last blog post, today I will share some of my poetry with you.

    These are a few I've kept from my high school days, some are based off songs, others are completely OC. Hope you find one that you like.

    "Love is not life (Jan. 11th, 2008)"

    I'd publish more but the tools on this blog suck and formatting is pretty painful, so there you go. I hope you like them, perhaps in the near future I may share another couple.

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  • Volkoronado

    Owner's Manual

    October 25, 2011 by Volkoronado

    Hi, welcome and congratulations on your meeting with me, Volkoronado.

    In this manual I will introduce you to myself, my functions and answer your questions as I see fit.

    I am considered a very different person by my peers and acquaintances. This is because I have very different ideas and thoughts from the rest of them. They're not stupid, uneducated (read: troll) opinions, but rather endorse a different point of view. They tend to call me one of those guys no one will understand 'til dead.

    My hobbies include reading, writing, gaming, walking, smoking, drawing, thinking, sleeping, lurking and gathering all sorts of information on a topic I deem interesting.

    As of August, 2011, I was wasting my time at work (major: Chemical Eng.) and found 'Necro…

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