Well, howdy y'all!

If you remember from my bio page (or is that called about me? I have no idea, I'm still sort of new here!), I mentioned that I'm hoping to start a webcomic. After putting my intentions out there on the World Wide Web, I was inspired (and obliged) to follow up with at least some sort of progress on making my dream come true, and I'm here today to show you what I've done!

Jaeger Soldier

Guys, if you can't tell, I'm really excited about this. Obviously, the text needs some work done to it, and it's not much of a story right now, but I'm so proud of myself. 

I really want to tell y'all (I'm not even from the South, I have no idea why I say y'all, but I'm sorry) the plot line and everything, but until the first episode (page? edition?) comes out, that's all going to stay under wraps.

I will disclose, however, that this is sort of a part of the backstory of one of the two main characters, the dashing little lady all the way to the left, Jaeger. And I can tell you that it is set in a time where the Soviet Union became the dominant world power it always wanted to be (for better or for worse!) and that I really think I'm a terrible artist and can't paint you can expect to see some hammer and sickles, a Lenin or two, and a lot of red. 

The comic is currently so untitled that I don't even really have any idea, so if anyone would like to suggest something, I'd greatly appreciate it! I'd also appreciate any sort of critism possible, and maybe some tips on comic writing, as I'm still sort of unsure of how I want to do it. (I'm thinking sort of how Romantically Apocalyptic is done [] with the comic text and then journals underneath, but I'm unsure.)

Well, I've got to get back to work on panel two (ohmygod this is really happening *squee*), so until then:

До свидания! 

Love, Natasha Elizabeth