Guys i need help writing a gaming  creepypasta.  So to aply  go to my talk page and leave a message to tell me how you can help me and has to be apporiate. And you have to promise you will not ban me or kick me ok. So any it does not matter what gender you are. But you have to be help me write  a good gaming creepy pasta and not make it cliched which means no blood, no game marked in black, no creepy rom hacks, no boot legged games, no games marked in black with marker, and no psyopath that kills you through your tv ot some thing like that also no plushies on a bed thats it ok. Oh and please try to me nice to me this only my first year on this site and i wil be nice to you ok. I only accept friends no girlfriends ok i may be a guy but i am not old enough to experince that yet. Also no fan girls\fan boys allowed ok. The creepy pasta can be any video game ok but make seem realistic Ok.  No hyper Realistic eyes ok that shit is confusing. And always write on my talk page.Sincerly Videogameguy67