I'm not gonna post them here, but if you could check them out it would be great.

1. Wanna See a Magic Trick?
2. The Heart Ripper
3. The Hanging Of A Singer
4. Slice N Dice

Be sure to comment on them if you can. And now here is some info about me.

.I am a girl who lives in Indiana.
.I love to write and draw, its my hobby.
.I was always into CreepyPasta ever since it first came out, they interest me.
.I love gory things.
.I wish to become a writer in the future, and the sites are helping me out.
.My characters are NOT cute, cuddly, or nice.
.Be sure to talk to me if you can,I love talking to people.
.I'm new to the wiki, member wise.
.I'm trying to improve my grammar.
.Be nice to me and I will be nice to you.
.I act older than my actual age.
.I love to draw things based off of my stories.
.My fav CreepyPasta is Jeff The Killer.
.I find CreepyPasta's scary, not cute, cuddly, and nice.
.I try to be as nice as I can to people, but when people treat me bad, I get frustrated.
.I am a fan of horror movies, books, and more.
.I am a Gamer! I love playing horror games.
.I enjoy watching youtube, and I love fanart of my pasta's. It makes me feel happy to know people enjoy my stories. ;-;
.My favorite color is black.
.I try to stay out of fights.
.I'm trying to succeed in my dreams while supporting the people I love.
.I'm a Virgo.

I hope this helps you know more about me! ;)