It's a Sonic Hack! (AKA Sonic 2 XL)

I was downloading the funniest hack named Sonic 2 XL, what's different about it? Rings are replaced with Onion Rings. You get fatter the more you collect onion rings.

■It takes like about 5 rings to get a stage fatter.
■When you get fatter, you start to lose spindashing and spinning all together at stage 5 of fatness.
■It takes like about 30 rings to die of a heart attack.
■The more fatter you get, the less effort of Sonic puts into looking up and down until gives up at stage 6 of fatness.
■If you use the debug mode cheat to finish the Death Egg Zone as fat Sonic, he goes down to stage 3 of fatness.
■If you hit a 10 ring television, you get fat automaticly.
■If you hit a "?" block, Sonic loses all the fat he gained.