(If this gets taken down that's honestly pretty pathetic because that's basically censoring my voice)

I feel like this wiki is taking a nosedive into some deep shit that it's not going to crawl out of anytime soon.

It's been like this for a while, what with the increase of new people who have NO IDEA what a Creepypasta actually IS. Then there's admins shirking duties and veteran users purposefully trying to get themselves banned.

I don't know why I put up with this, but I did.

Then came the removal of an app (Not going to be specific) which many of us used to socialize. When this happened I feel this page took a MASSIVE dive. Many users have stopped coming to the site altogether, and that was enough to seal this site's fate.

What I'm trying to say is..

I'm taking an indefinite haitus from the CPW and I don't know when I'm coming back.

I wish you all my best,