• VegetaPrinceOfSayains

    Youtube Trolls

    September 16, 2014 by VegetaPrinceOfSayains

    Just... This video explains it. I mouthed off in defense of a Youtuber... and now I've got some 12-year-old whiny CoD-player-wannabe harassing me. Tips? Anyone?

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  • VegetaPrinceOfSayains

    A Sad Day

    August 11, 2014 by VegetaPrinceOfSayains

    I know this isn't CP-related but..

    Robin Williams has passed. I feel like some people won't hear the news... but that they'll see it here...

    He was a talented, kind, wonderful man. And will be dearly missed.

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  • VegetaPrinceOfSayains

    Okay... i need people to read my Pastas and leave their opinions.


    I will accept constructive criticisms and honesty.

    Trust me. I know troll hate when I see it so don't try to bullshit me.

    Because that's not going to work.

    My Pastas are:

    Encounter: Dark

    Encounter: Descent (Sequel to Encounter: Dark)

    Don't look in the mirror

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  • VegetaPrinceOfSayains

    You're a sad, strange little man.

    I'd go even further with the Toy Story quote and tell you that you have my pity... but I can't even pity you... 

    You mock with mispelled misquotations of my previous blog posts. And to go further you insult my pastas (Which I doubt you've even read, and even if you did you'd hate on them just to be an ass so.... No point there).

    I have never said I was "leaving forever".

    I said, and I quote: "Indefinite Haitus".

    Indefinite covers any amount of time. From two years to a day. I was returning after having talked to a friend who was convincing me to give this site another chance. However, it is the actions of people like that make me slightly regret postponing my haitus.

    And let me close by saying this. You act as t…

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  • VegetaPrinceOfSayains

    Pretty fucking done.

    I like how my blog posts get a lot of or some attention, yet my pastas get no attention unless I shamelessly spam people with them...

    Am I the only one having this happen to them or....?

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