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  • I live in Tokyo
  • My occupation is To get married to someone special! :)
  • I am Male
  • Vegeta565

    I'm So Sorry

    October 13, 2013 by Vegeta565

    This is for my friends Jack and Becca. I Never Thought this Jane Thing would get out of hand. Going Out With Jane was For a Friend and I'm So Sorry. I never would of thought this would happen Jack When you talked to Me i felt like were friends and Even Becca I still love her. Jane Isn't Who i love at all Its a favor for a friend. I'm So sorry Jack and Becca and I'm Hoping you guy forgive me. I'm Breaking up with Jane I got something saying what she does and how she acts and I'm so sorry About That. I geuss this is the Blog Again I'm So Very sorry Becca and Jack.

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  • Vegeta565

    Is This Bad?

    September 23, 2013 by Vegeta565

    Ok, I have to say i have been having  bad luck, I was riding my peddle bike and I some thing popped my tirre of my bike and I  got in a crash. I got scraps  on my knees, back and my stomach. when i looked behind me and i heard fast footsteps coming at me it scared me so i got up and grabbed my bike and ran. When i got home i covered my wounds and right now i'm fine and i told the police and there looking for who ever is stalking people in the woods because it turns out i'm not the only one that got attacked. I'm ok you don't have to worry about me i'll be fine. 

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