So... erm... well, i'm new here and before talking about anything, please excuse me for my mistakes. I'm a french person and my english isn't perfect at all okay so DON'T JUDGE XD this means i'll post pastas in french but i'll also post pastas in english don't worry (i'll try to translate my french pastas in english)

Okay whatever! Sooooo, what's my fav creepypasta? Well, I would say it's Ben Drowned, and i read the whole creepypasta last year (took me 1h30 to read it XD) and i really loved it. I also really love Slenderman, (i was fangirling on him last year XDDD) Lavender Town Sydrome and .exe pastas like Sonic.exe :3

I read a loooooot of pastas and i'm even reading pastas during classes XD (admin: you little rebel Valerie)

i think that's all for now o3o oh and-- i'm working on a french pasta of Five Nights At Freddy's (btw i fucking love this game) and i will translate it in english of course :3 this is gonna be the first creepypasta i created omg i'm so happy X3

if you have questions,​
don't be shy and ask away! ^u^