so, for starters zalgos(demon purebred) family line would be the longest, consisting of three children to a single demon mother, and six to four human women(atleast one has two).

next would be the woods family whom has a possiblity of being related to zalgo, except this family branch would end because of the murder of jeff's parents.

then would be sally's familly which is also cut short(although her real parents MIGHT be alive- it is not likely this family could expand.).

finally, the exe,virus,curse, and ressurected characters have a possibility of being related to zalgo or a common demon anscestor. (or video game character gain sentience over time.)

however, that would only leave scp and slender; since scp is very similar to zalgo, and slender has the appearence of one of their expirements... theres a direct link to one another but... the idea zalgo is behind scp doesnt feel right.

part 2

could zalgo in fact destroy the world? yes. could he have created every pasta known to man simply by having kids and or messing with people? maybe.

anywho the world im attempting to create MIGHT need for the main protagonist to be an ordinary person, much like any normal story on this website. However i will only make the character normal as to contribute to the fact that its an apocalypse and NOT accuring in the present.

by the way, any characters associated with demons, or angels is in fact related to zalgo or said common anscestor.