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  • I am A Stegosaurus.
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    Okay, so here I have two examples of a small segment I wrote about how to identify a good and bad Creepypasta.

    Bad Example:

    okay, so  basically i am scared.why? because lemme tell you a story,bro. so i was in clas and i was messin aroun wit a calculator, i could spell hello and boobie :D so i looked out the window, and i saw someone standing therre, looking at me. and i was like holy shit, and i ran and ran but he came up. then it sliced me and i died.

    Good Example:

    So I was walking around in the park, and I suddenly had this odd feeling. Shaking it off, I continued. However, later on, the feeling grew stronger, and I got slightly paranoid. I turned and saw a lone figure in the bushes, holding a knife. Scared, I backed up slowly, and  started …

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