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Uphill Inc December 5, 2014 User blog:Uphill Inc

Well. Zy here. I made this account in order to use it for tpwc and other wikia chats, after closing my Zyranne account. It will shut down in a few days. And no, I don't plan to use this account to go on cpwc. Just clarifing.

Now I wanted to talk about something which has provoked some strong feelings in me. I have read through some logs over the course of a few days, and noticed something in particular. People were discussing my outbursts, and how come seem to think it's for attention, or exaggerated. Now I wanted to clear things up. No. They are in no way for attention, and no they are not exaggerated. Everything said is authentic, and the feelings I feel are very real. 

I want to say that I don't hate any of you, all the stuff I say is bullshit, and influenced by the strong emotions I tend to feel during an outburst. I lash out, I understand. Just please...don't take any of the things I say as truth. I'm sorry I can be an insufferable asshole during these times. I know for a fact I have been. 

Now this is for the admins. I know that your opinion towards me isn't exactly the best. I understand that. I know I can say harsh things about you at times. This is not that I hate you, just that it is a defence into how I think you feel towards me. It's paranoia, I know. I'm sorry I can cause disruption to the chat.

I'm sorry to you all.

I am planning to visit a doctor in the next few days, as the recent months have been much harder, in terms of state of mind. 

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