run hide get away don't read this or she will get you too and if she dose you will...will.. You will end up like me

it all started 2 years ago and I was coming back from school and it started raining so I took shelter in a tunnel it was pitch black all I could see was a dark short figure. My eyes became hot after looking at it I think it was a her. I asked her if she was ok she didn't reply she just smiled and once I looked away she was gone

when I got home all I could think about was her smile that cold evil smile my head started hurting thinking about it I need some fresh air I went to open my window and she was out there out my window how did she get in and why am I so scared I ran down stairs and to tell my mum but she was dead she was lying over the kitchen table dead her stomach cut open and all her organs on the floor I didn't know what to do I went over to my friend Ed s house. the Door was unlocked I ran up the stairs and ran in to the bath room I slipped over blood and when I turned a I was my friend Ed hanging on the shower head by a nipple belt Oh my god everyone I love is dead I ran down the stairs to the kitchen and I saw Her, my body became cold I couldn't control my self I reached over to pick up a kitchen knife I didn't under stand my hand picked up the knife but my mind I look at her she was smiling, I raised the knife and cut my self several times after many cuts I realised the cuts spelt "you cant run from me - her “I dropped the knife I was breathing heavily and then passed out

I woke up what I thought to be a few days little did I know it was a few weeks I was stressing out outside the hospital window she was there her face tormented me. I called for the nurse but no one came I ran around looking for a nurse or doctor no one was in sight I was panicking I ran for the bathroom and locked the door and looked in the mirror and there she was standing behind me I can feel her Presses......

Local newspaper:

Mitchell Dylan Glen was found four weeks ago dead he left this story on a note in his hand when he died