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    I had just gotten minecraft a couple weeks ago. I don't know maybe 7 weeks back? It does not matter, lets get back to the story.As normal I spawned in a forest biome next to a river. I was a noob so I had no idea what to do so I started traviling along the river. I searched and searched. Nothing. Eventually I hit my first storm. I barley had any experance in minecaft. So I hid under a tree. While I was waiting, I noticed something, or someone, in the distance.He looked like my Steeve skin, just with glowing white eyes.

    I left my tree to go investigate. After I got about a 20 block raidius from it, I could see the figure better. Above its head was the characters name. (Did I say I was not on multiplayer? I could've sworn I did not click mult…

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