• Unicornsbelike99


    September 22, 2013 by Unicornsbelike99

    =====​I was in my garden the other day with my favorite flowers, Daisies. I was weeding their beds when i heard a strange noise over my fence. I looked over and could see a tall man standing over a stumbling woman. Her make up running down her face, and arms up while she laid there writhing on the ground begging, "Please, don't hurt me! Please i'll do anything you want. Just don't....hurt me.... " I watched this for 3 minutes or so before i ran into my kitchen and grabbed my phone to call for the police. The typical "911, whats your emergency" rang through my ear. "Yes, please get here right away, There's a mad man trying to kill a woman by my house.." i gave the operator my address and waited..   30 minutes later, they showed up. I ran in…

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