Hello! My name's Tomas, and I come from south east England. I've been editing here for about a month, and feel like it makes sense to introduce myself, especially as I just hit 100 edits. I love reading, writing and editing Creepypasta and have written one story to date - Hospital Food. I'm desperate for feedback/criticism on it and would truly appreciate it if you would be prepared to take a look at it and tell me what you think. Right now, I'm working on a second story, but I procrastinate so much that I'm not sure if it will ever be finished.

I'm not sure whether I'm a particularly efficient editor on this wiki (or wikis in general), as I feel like I'm going to accidentally vandalise something or break everything every single time that I publish an edit. My edits themselves are, mostly, correcting people's grammar or punctuation and tagging articles for deletion or review. Editing is especially difficult for me, as my computer is broken and I have only an iPad to access the 'site on.

My favourite Creepypastas are the Penpal and Asylum series, however I haven't really read that many stories yet (I'm working my way through the suggested reading section currently.) It would be great if you could suggest some pastas for me to read that aren't necessarily well known but are well written and scary.

Outside of the Creepypasta community, I am interested in web design/development and gaming. I am still currently in secondary school (high school for all you Americans.)

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read through this little introduction to me, have a good day :)