TL;DR: If you see an error about an extension hook, your edit is being prevented by our Abuse Filter because it seems like it violates our rules on Blacklisted Subjects. If you don't think your page violated our blacklisted subject rules, you can report the filter's false positive and ask for your story to be included on the wiki by going to this page and filling out an appeal. Thank you.

Occasionally, when trying to post a pasta, you might run into certain errors. One of the most common is the "Error: The modification you tried to make was aborted by an extension hook" message. What does this mean?

On this wiki, we use a tool called an Abuse Filter. This is a tool to help reduce the workload the admins have to deal with. The Abuse Filter basically checks every edit made to see if it matches certain rules. If it does, we have the abuse filter set up to stop the edit being made. The way things currently work, if a new page includes one of certain key words, we don't allow the page to be created. Our Abuse Filter is intended to stop stories which violate our rules on Blacklisted Subjects.

There are two filters which search for keywords: the Title Blacklist and the Content Blacklist. The Title Blacklist blocks pages based on what is contained in the title while the Content Blacklist blocks pages based on what is contained in the page itself. For a list of words these filters search for, please see this page. There is also a third filter, the Special Characters Blacklist. It blocks pages which contain special characters in the title.

So, basically, if when you try to create a page, you get an error about an extension hook, you can't create the page because of the Abuse Filter. Is this the end of the world? No. You can use our false positive appeal to ask admins to look over your story and see whether it actually violated our rules or not. If it didn't, your story may be allowed onto the main wiki, providing it meets our quality standards.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion around this error, because I agree it is quite worrying if you don't know what it means :)