It goes on and on

The white wall drips red

The red follows a trail to a man

Hanging, dripping the same colors as the wall

The possibilities were endless

Yet walls and heads hanging everywhere

Bodies tossed and thrown

Decapitation, castration was a requirement to continue on through this place

But who would be willing to sacrifice their bodies?


Feelings scattered

Full of sinners

Bathed in blood they were

Their vocal chords dangling from their mouths

Who’s responsible for this atrocity?

These sacrifices for the night

Daylight has ceased to exist as these bodies lay hang

Handles are arms

Knobs are hands

Shake a hand that was separated from its body

So many knobs

So many doors to try to open

So many hands to shake

What is this? I reach to open a door, it is moving

The knob, the hand is alive

This is getting perturbing

Far beyond in the back

A scientist

A madman

Creating this monster

This insanity

So I thought, not creating, dismantling another body was his creation

Desecration, why was I the witness of this brutal view

Sneaking and creeping in this house of death

How did I come into this place of horror?

A man came in; I quickly hid in a nearby closet

I was peeking through small space in the door I left

This was missing three fingers on both hands

Half his head was caved in

Walked in dragging another body

This must be one of the assassins

The body, I saw the face, it was carved out, like a pumpkin

When suddenly I felt something on my back

A look over my shoulder and closed eyes and blood dripping from the top of its head

Another body fell on me

I was being covered by these corpses, whose world am I in?

How was I dragged into this?

I want to wake up from this terrible dream, yet it isn’t a dream I feel each and every single thing that is happening

These bodies, I cannot forget the texture they had

The blood was spilling slowly, all over my body; soon it was covering my face

So many bodies were coming down

Confined, beginning to gag on the blood

Beginning to feel the stench of these dead bodies

This was occurring for a reason, was it my duty to warn the city of these evil doers?

If I was responsible to save these innocent people then why am I being confined?

Why am I covered by this stench?

It felt I was starting to drink their blood

Finally they stopped falling down onto me

As soon as they did I struggled to get out

So much weight on me

I did not want to damage the bodies more than they were

I got up, most of these bodies failed to have any heads

Any fingers, some of them were just torsos

I was beginning to become sick

I looked out again and there was no one I decided to walk out and try to escape the door was chained down

I find myself confined even worse now

For I do not know how to escape

I turn to a shriek

Screams of terror coming from that room again

I’ll never be the same after I escape from here

I was terrified

These people were alive

They were being tortured alive

Who were these mad men creating atrocities of this sort?

I felt it was my job to get to the bottom of this

To conclude this house of horror

This asylum of terror

I ran into another corridor

I stayed quiet sneaking in and out of halls

It was bigger than I thought

I was beginning to feel lost

Confusion rose through my veins even faster

There was more than one room of live torture

There were rooms of slicing

Rooms of creating meat

Packaged meat, but… it was of humans

Was this a fabrication area of where I lived?

The meat I ate, could’ve been of human? Is this what I’m getting from this?

The thought passed through my head and I saw another door

I cracked it open, put my face inside just far enough to see what was going on.

This was one of the live rooms

The person was still alive

Struggling in a chair

Arms wrapped down, a cloth in his mouth making him gag

Must’ve been shoved down his throat

A man emerged from another door in this office

With a little saw in hand, I did not want to continue watching

He walked slowly to him clutched his hand tighter on the saw

The man clutched his hands onto the chair

He closed his hands

As if to know what was coming

He beat him over the head with a closed fist, until he let go of his clenched hands

He grabbed one finger, and slowly cut it off

The pink cut around it

Grabbed the skin and tore it off

Screaming and gagging he was

Removed the cloth from his mouth and yelled more


Coughing and crying the blood dripped from the skeleton left of his finger ever so quickly

A hammer was pulled from his belt

He positioned the finger out words

Hammered it off

I was terrified each and every time clutching my hands to my mouth and controlling myself not to go inside

I was a coward

I didn’t save the man I could’ve done something and there he was being tortured

No more thoughts he was taken from the chair thrown to the floor

Kicked across the face

Numerous times

Yelping the man like a dog when it is mistreated

They were treating these people worse than an animal

As if they were trash

He flipped his body over, grabbed a nail extended one arm out nailed his hand to the floor

A loud yell was heard and echoed across the hall I was in

Silence, crying, tears were hit hitting the floor

Facing down the other hand was nailed

Again the silence was repeated

His legs were now tied together

The back of his knees were stepped on

Pushed down, a nail was hammered down in between them and the floor

He could not struggle anymore

A tube from the other side of the room was acquired; he ripped the back side of his pants with a knife, making a back-flap

But not caring if he scarred his buttock

Blood was squirted from the back end

This tube, drilled to his rear end

Sodomized him, and left him there tube sticking out

The hammer came down at the top of the top drilling it deeper and making the man yell more and more.

The mad man had a look of satisfaction, he was enjoying every moment of it

He did not stop smiling since he started

Next he grabbed his saw, cut the end piece leaving no way to grab the tube

It seemed as he was done, if he was not I did not feel strong enough to continue watching I went on to the next room

I continued my path looking for an escape, finding a dead end

And hearing chatter from down the hall

Another closet, I did not want to experience the bodies thrown on my body again

I ran into another room shut the door

Knowing I made noise I looked around for somewhere to hide

A desk under the desk I went and hid there looking towards the door

The chatter was getting closer

They came in with a body threw it to the floor

One of the shoes kicked the body straight across her face

The arms were tied together, as well as the legs

They kicked the head

The body eventually came close to the desk where I was hidden

I closed my eyes

I did not know what to expect from this face

I opened them

They were staring directly at me

Those green eyes, I’ll never forget them

They told a story of deceit

I wished to grab the body and rest her head upon my shoulder

Tears came from her eyes

The mouth was stapled shut

Her cheeks were cut off

Her hair blonde tips, rest was covered in her own blood

They dragged her from her legs across the room

This woman was nearly dead

What they did next, so dreadful

A knife, rusted, was taken and drilled into her left eye

Carved around it

And pulled it out

Threw it at her

This should’ve been it

They should’ve been done, but no

They undressed her, began to rape her

All she did was lay there, she understood nothing was going to save her

No one could save her

She took it all and they left her naked, left the room

Called for another man to finish the job

I began to cry, this was not fair

What was I to do?

Why are we brought into this world of torture and lies?

These lies and endless motions that create memories that last a lifetime

Voices that never leave our minds, voices that create endless thoughts and imagination not worth anything

Imaginations that making other things so much more complicated and dark

Darkness fills us with so many lies anything that shines is taken away from us

Lies fill our hearts and they become accustomed to them

They become accustomed to these constant let downs

Yet there are those few moments where we aren’t let down

Where we are saved by those few who won’t lie to us

Those few are special

Only if they existed here, in this world of terror, those few would save all these people that are innocent

I will prove once and for all I am one of those few saviors

I ran quickly to the girl picked her up, took her to where I was hiding

Found a knife

Hid behind the door waiting for the man to come in

As soon as the door opened

It was the man who sodomized the weeping man on the floor

I grabbed his face with my hand brought it straight to me and drilled the knife down his throat slammed the door

Yanked the knife out of it and slit his neck

His neck oozed more blood over my body

I was covered in it now

Completely from head to toe

Dripping blood I was, not mine but his

I stabbed him in the chest, where his so called heart was

Carved it around slowly making him feel the pain he caused to so many, pulled it out and threw to the floor

I walked out with knife in hand, locked the door behind me

I feel the girl shall die, but she will not die with more suffering

She suffered so much and I just laid there and watched her take it

I ran to the nearest room with the intention to kill whoever was doing these atrocities

When I reached for the door knob to open it

I felt my hair being pulled back and I was dropped down to the floor

Kicked across the rib cage and I felt one of them break

I gasped for air

He didn’t see the knife in my hand; I was able to stab his leg

Dropped to the floor he went I opened the door

Dragged him in there like the animal he was kicked him across the face multiple times ‘till I saw blood drip down from his head

Continued to beat him with my fists, yelling how he was capable of doing such a gross thing

Sat down and began to think

How can this darkness fill us so much of hate?

With hate that kills those around us

Those that don’t deserve to feel our hate are the ones that are damaged the most

Those loved ones are killed slowly and painfully on the inside

Yet something’s will never change

See when darkness takes over, it is hard to get rid of

When pain is confused together with darkness it creates this loneliness in them

Creates this insecurity, this sense of urgency to find yourself in another place

Years go on and pass to get rid of your past

Yet it continues in your heart, scars and wounds that never close completely

Always tender they are hard to take care of

Finding any little thing as an excuse to keep holding on to that past

To keep that past as an excuse as to answer your reactions

It is the cry of the martyr, the cry that they, us, we crave attention

We are conditioned to want the attention of others

Conditioned to naturally find hate easier as opposed to love

Naturally destroy things and destroy ourselves in loathing others

Loathing others, leads to our demise

Demise of killing ourselves internally and whispering thoughts to ourselves in the dark

Finding that there is confusion everywhere

Those things that seem so irritating, failing to make sense

I walked out of the room I looked to the side and the guy that I hid from at the beginning, was staring at me straight into my eyes

He chuckles I try to run wraps his enormous arm around my neck, pulls me back and drops me to the floor

This man was so big; I could not escape his grip

My body was lying on the floor, this time there was no escaping

Now I lay in another room, naked I was

It was my turn to suffer and become food for others

Food for those who love hate

For I fill those who love with hate

I see love as a weakness, but I see it as the strongest thing in life

My thoughts are scattered

Boiling water was dropped onto my bare body and I was burnt severely yelling I was

Begging to be let go

I couldn’t move I was tied to the floor

He came and stepped on my back where I was burnt the most

Cut my back and threw a liquid that burnt so much

The worst pain in the world, crying I began to bleed from my nose

The floor in front of me became red with blood

I heard a swift charging; sure enough my head was kicked to the side

My ear began to bleed, I felt them become moist never have I felt I began to become hysterical losing my mind

Feeling desperate to leave I tried kicking only to find more pain in my back they burnt me, a shape

This pain so unbearable like nothing else

When things don’t seem to turn around

Spitting everything out from my mouth

My lungs trying to die faster since this slow painful psychotic dream never ends

Music began to play

This was a mental institute, music so terrifying that it sent chills down your body making you forget about the pain that was being accomplished on your own body

These people were so sadistic

Chaotic, and disturbing their pleasures

My neck was going to be next I just knew it

But I was wrong, I lived for much more

Slowness in everything is much more painful

Imagine yourself in a white room

A white room with panels across that ooze with blood

And a floor where it is completely painted in blood

Fresh and old

With the stench of corpses around

Knowing that death will take you that day or night

Realizing that fading away is inevitable

No one is there for you in those moments of pain

In these moments of clutching every moment of life that is left

Those moments where you feel faint, as you fight death and his hand that is about to grab you and touch you

I begin to love the taste of my own blood

So much of it pours down

Drinking it with the tip of my tongue

The moment they pick me up

They grab that dreaded hammer and hammer me to the left my face feels broken I crawl back up

Beg for more; yell for more I’m beginning to love this pain

They hammer my face down onto the floor

I did not save the two I saw being tortured, I was a coward, I deserve every single last beating they have to give me

Masochist I will stay to receive this torture ‘till I die

They continue

This time a knife slices across my legs

I drop to the floor

Yelling for them to continue

To do their worst

I snap out of it, I clench my fist swing at the first one

Drop down to grab the knife and stabbed the other one who was beating me

I manage to torture them

To give them some of their own medicine

Wrapping them in the wire they have in the room

Rapidly, they yell for their lives

They have never felt real pain and tonight they do

I escape tonight

I escape from this hell, I leave it all behind

I leave my past

What’s done is done

Words that will not be forgotten anytime soon

Yet they will

For I have tasted blood, the blood won’t stop

I’ll forget this all tonight

After they die

I blame them, I blame me, I blame us all for this tragedy

Castrate them both slowly and make sure they suffer

My eyes are gleaming at their pain

I slash at their faces

I see the blood going down to the floor

I rush to their cheeks and lick them

Making them disgusted of my actions

Cutting the side of their ears and licking them more

Asking for more blood I am

They beg for me to stop

And I continue my psychotic ways now I am the one to torture them

To feed them to their families

To pack their parts and deliver them personally myself

I continue to cut them

Carve into them

Names of those I know, carve into them my name

All over their bodies

I proceed to cut them into small pieces

Like processed meat they look at the end of this torture

Their heads I will box; give them to the family after they have eaten their meat

I am finally able to escape

Their bodies has been cooked already

In plates

I visit the first family

A wife alone

I ask her to let me in, I have brought her food that her husband sent specially for her

I watch her eat

She says that it is a weird meat

I continue looking on, not letting go of my sight on her eyes

I ask to be excused

I go to my vehicle

Remove a box from the back, take it inside

Set it on the table she eats on ask her to open it

Whence she looks down I reach for the knife I used to kill him

She opens it, she faints

Faints and dies

As soon as she began to fall down the knife was stuck into her chest swiftly

Dropped down to the floor

Cut her, left her slaughtered on the floor

An animal they both were for allowing such things to occur

I continued my way to the other house

A wife, a young man wearing the uniform his father wore, he worked for them too

This was sickening

No conscious they had

I watched them eat their dismembered family member this cold day

They seemed to enjoy it


A box I brought onto the table they ate in

They both looked into it

The wife was in shock dropped to her knees

Her neck was sliced

The young man made an attempt to attack me

His eyes I gauged with my fingers

And I drove my fingers deeper until I felt him bleed

Until I felt the eyes slowly falling out

Grabbed my knife pulled them out so they would dangle

I wanted him to suffer

I saw them all die

This world of death

Of sacrifice

This world of torture is my world

I created this all

I am the one to kill all those scared

To kill those stuck in the light

To see the dark, to see the hate that exists in reality

To those stuck in their past

To leave their past by being tortured

To know that much more painful things exist

Things that have no importance in the past must be forgotten

Leave the past where it is

Continue your life

Those who died were not killed in vain those who died were killed for sticking to their past

They should have forgot and forgiven those who had hurt them

Those who preach words

But do not follow what they say

the ones to die

Yet alive I am, for I never let go of the past

I keep it deep inside of me

Because I came from the dead and from the ones that were dying

I lived on

I refused to go on to death

I refused to hold deaths hand on the walk to his darkness

I created my own