• Uncleyoshi

    It goes on and on

    The white wall drips red

    The red follows a trail to a man

    Hanging, dripping the same colors as the wall

    The possibilities were endless

    Yet walls and heads hanging everywhere

    Bodies tossed and thrown

    Decapitation, castration was a requirement to continue on through this place

    But who would be willing to sacrifice their bodies?


    Feelings scattered

    Full of sinners

    Bathed in blood they were

    Their vocal chords dangling from their mouths

    Who’s responsible for this atrocity?

    These sacrifices for the night

    Daylight has ceased to exist as these bodies lay hang

    Handles are arms

    Knobs are hands

    Shake a hand that was separated from its body

    So many knobs

    So many doors to try to open

    So many hands to shake

    What is this? I reach to open a door, it is mov…

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  • Uncleyoshi


    July 3, 2012 by Uncleyoshi

    Part 1

    Lying in my bed, seeing the stains, on the wall, seeing the stains my chest. Fingerprints on my mirror, fingerprints of someone struggling to stay up I turn my head to my ceiling. A body is taped blood still drips from it, his eyeball hanging from its socket. How did this body get to be taped on the ceiling, its suddenly coming back, its suddenly attacking my head and I’m back at the scene of the crime. Of the travesty. The face looking so familiar no noise is passing through my ears but my own breathing I’m back in my shoes I feel the need to taste blood. The taste of blood so sweet the smell of it unlike any other liquid, thick and incredible to feel on my skin. This person sitting lonely at a cashier box too busy to attend the peo…

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