Hello only person that is reading this.

I have an idea for a game kinda similar to the Infamous games. Well, atleast the storyline.


Its the year 2020 (yeah, unoriginal, I know) and a zombie outbreak has started. The infection rate is getting higher, and its getting harder to cure with bullets. Only 2 years after the outbreak, half of the world is overrun. They have to resort to an actual cure. Luckily, a man named Alexander Mills, along with 3 of his friends (which will remain unnamed for now) is working on one. 3 years later, it gets finished, however the month Alexander tries to release it to the world, he gets bitten.

I think you know where I'm trying to go with this here.

He uses it on himself, but it only half-cures him. He can still think, breath, and move like a human. The player can then chose wether to take the side of the humans, or zombies depending on which things he does.

So, random person, what do you think?