Unclever Name

aka A decent electrical conductor

  • I live in Pluto
  • My occupation is directing electrical currents.
  • I am a worm.
  • Unclever Name

    Basically, what I do here, is I take pasta gems and run them through google translate by translating them to chinese, and translating the chinese to english. So enjoy:

    "I'm going to die here, Herbert?"

    "John, you will die here."

    "Why do not you?"

    "Go back to sleep John."

    The speakers are usually cracking noise, before the chamber fell to a dead silence. John under his thin blanket, shivering, he going to die. It has ninety days because he was eating regular food, six, because he is a pill, 100 and 16 since he last saw a person. The world was lonely.

    John is trying to force his body to fall asleep, but hunger won out. He rose from his bed, paced around the tiny cube of 12 feet. He went to the side of the room, check the tiny drop-down box, and fo…

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  • Unclever Name

    SOG wiki

    January 18, 2012 by Unclever Name

    Me, lolster, bill, clover, etc are admins in the SOG wiki, and atleast me and lol want more users there. So head here if you are interested in doing random stuff.

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  • Unclever Name

    I am literally about to go outside and scream goddamnit. We have TOO MANY troll pastas. There is a trollpasta wiki right infront of our faces but we are still too goddamn lazy to post it in there. I'm sure some of your remember that experience with Diffomega that is still happening while I'm writing this. He literally tried to say that his pasta was interesting and would fit in an actual story. Alright, I'm too damn angered to keep writing this. Bye.

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  • Unclever Name

    Game Idea

    October 30, 2011 by Unclever Name

    Hello only person that is reading this.

    I have an idea for a game kinda similar to the Infamous games. Well, atleast the storyline.


    Its the year 2020 (yeah, unoriginal, I know) and a zombie outbreak has started. The infection rate is getting higher, and its getting harder to cure with bullets. Only 2 years after the outbreak, half of the world is overrun. They have to resort to an actual cure. Luckily, a man named Alexander Mills, along with 3 of his friends (which will remain unnamed for now) is working on one. 3 years later, it gets finished, however the month Alexander tries to release it to the world, he gets bitten.

    I think you know where I'm trying to go with this here.

    He uses it on himself, but it only half-cures him. He can st…

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