Hey, everyone! Recently, I found 12 readings of my pasta Please Take Just One by searching youtube. Today I thought I'd search some others and I found out there's a total of 3 readings for No Right Turn on Red , 5 for Arms , and 4 for Jason Loved to Read . I haven't listend to them all yet (except for Please Take Just One) so I don't know how good they are, but it's still awesome. 

Now, just to put this into context, No Right Turn on Red was nominated for pasta of the month which gave it exposure. Arms and Jason Loved to Read were accepted at, again giving more exposure. Even so, I think people should search for their pastas on youtube because you might just stumble across a reading or two, or three. People don't always put the word out that they did a reading, so it's also a good way to give the reader exposure as well.